12 reasons to choose

modular mesh fence systems


Enhanced Security

Fences serve as sturdy protection, effectively preventing intrusions and providing primary security.


Longevity (Hot dip galvanized for long durability)

Hot Dip Galvanized steel provide excellent corrosion resistance, significantly extending the lifespan of the fence. Additionally, our polyester powder coating process offers lasting durability against UV exposure and changing weather conditions, ensuring the colors remain vibrant and the finish stays strong and durable. A wide range of color options is available to suit various preferences.


Low Maintenance

Maximize efficiency and minimize maintenance costs.


Aesthetically Pleasing (A wide range of design options / Range of styles)

With modern a design and a variety of options in sizes and colors, customers can choose fences that perfectly enhance the exterior while fitting in with the ambiance of their spaces.


Easy & Fast to installation

Crafted for durability and aesthetic appeal, our designs also emphasize straightforward installation, ensuring an efficient and hassle-free setup for our clients.


Easy to transport

Our reliable delivery system ensures precise and swift delivery across all regions of Thailand.


Ready-to-use / Ready For Installation , Available as a complete system ,Ready-to-use assembly

Cross See offers ready-made steel and grating fences equipped with user-friendly installation guides.


Can also be installed as a privacy screen or partition wall (Privacy)

Provide the boundaries and security you need with a fence design that offers transparency, allowing for the installation of accessories to create your desired patterns.



Every product from Cross See undergoes an environmentally friendly manufacturing process and is certified to be free from solvents, ensuring that they are safe for both users and the environment.


Recyclable At End of Life

At Cross See, we conduct our business with a focus on the sustainable use of natural resources. Therefore, we choose high-quality steel for our products, ensuring that the fences can be recycled and transformed into even stronger and more beautiful structures in the future.


Cost Effective

Cross See is committed to ensuring that both customers and partners receive products and services with great value in terms of price, material quality, and lifespan


100% Made in Thailand

Cross See Development Co., Ltd. is a Thai company with factories and manufacturing processes that are certified to meet international standards.